Posts from August 2007


Under the Sun

Posted on 25th August 2007

Vacation was nice! Perhaps it was just the fact of being somewhere 600 miles away from anywhere I lived. Perhaps it was the beach that I could actually swim in. To any effect, it was needed.

So the move from New York back to Ohio for school is almost here. The move will be simple. This desicion was made in order to work solely on school.


Vacations, Life, and Goals

Posted on 9th August 2007

So today starts my first real vacation in a very long time. It seems odd to me that at the most simple and poorest time of my life, I get a real vacation. Any trips taken in the last 5 years was a trip with a purpose other then to relax. This week is different. The only goal _is_ to relax. The family and I are heading down to Hilton Head, SC to tour, golf, and swim.

A descison  has been made about my life and it’s future. I am moving out of New York and headed right back to Columbus. I decided this because I really want to return to Ohio State in the next year. It makes sense from a financial standpoint to return while I am still a legal resident of Ohio. Does this mean I hate New York? No. I can tell you that I will miss it very much and plan to return after I am done with college. Going to the city and working a job that just pays the bills was a big buzz killer and made it very hard to do more fun things in my free time. I did accomplish what I set out to do and that is important. I figured out who I am and how much harder life really can be. I know what I want and I know what I have to do. Now it is time to use this knowledge.


Websites, Football, and Trips

Posted on 2nd August 2007

Been waiting for what seems like the better part of a week while the domain was being updated. It has been down since mid-July and has cut off email for a few players. Today, the domain allowed me to reset it to the server, so things should be ok once the DNS servers re-populate in the next few hours.

Joined a fantasy football league with the boys back in Ohio. We shall see how I fair in this game of pretend football.

Spent the better part of this week driving from the City to Ohio to try and retrieve the last of my personal items. Managed to get everything in the car except the TV and nightstand. I have a truck reserved for October to go and get the last of those items. I am also planning a trip to Hilton Head with the family next week in attempt to have somewhat of a summer.

Other then those items, not much else going on in Harshyland.