Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington

Posted on 5th October 2014

I have been privileged with the opportunity to portray the character of Ezra Griswold, an important pioneer that helped plan and settle the town of Worthington in 1803. Worthington is now considered to be a suburb of Columbus, but is it’s own City in own rights.

Ezra Griswold was a good friend with James Kilbourne, the man whom envisioned the settlement of Worthington. Together, with the established Scioto Company, these men created one of my favorite parts of the Columbus area.

I was lucky to be able to attend the private community premiere on this past Wednesday. The episode is one of the best they have done in the series. I suggest that you take a peak at the following extended trailer.

The full episode will premiere on TV tonight at 8pm on WOSU, and will be on rotation thereafter. I hope that they release the full episode online at some point and will share it here if they do.


Archie Bush – Mysteries at the Museum

Posted on 26th March 2014

ArchieBushJune of last summer, I had the honor and privilege of portraying a minor character in the televised story of the curve ball, which aired on The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum. We were asked by Tracy Martin of Martin’s Base Ball Museum to come out and participate in the filming of this segment. What I did not know is that I would be getting more camera time than I had bargained.


Jurassic Systems

Posted on 5th March 2014

20140305-210438.jpgI typically do not write about specific links, especially which just being able to share the original post, but this gets an exception.

Most of us grew up watching Jurassic Park as kids. And we also remember Samuel L Jackson yelling PLEASE and a computer system that would not give him access to the main security grid. Heck, some have even wanted to mimic the iconic scene in our own loves. Well, now we can!

Venture over to Jurassic Systems and have a bit of 90’s nostalgia as you try to repair the damage to the Jurassic Park systems, only to be told that you did not say the magic word.


Boston Marathon

Posted on 15th April 2013

I wanted to send out my deepest sympathies for the tragedy that took place during the Boston Marathon. As someone who has been trying to train for a half marathon, I find it troubling to see something so innocent turned into something so tragic. May all of those lives touched be comforted by this great nation.