Posts from July 2007


MTA Woes

Posted on 16th July 2007

Welp, what an interesting night it became. A friend from work had an underwear party at a bar just down from Times Square. Not too much going on there except the mass amount of buldge and a few good looking girls. I jus had a few beers. We go to the subway and my metrocard is expired. So I jump over the turnstile. That cost me a $60 fine. Word of advise here…don’t jump turnstiles even when no cops are around.

Still on the hunt for a good job in the city. Refining my resume has become hard, but I think I can find the right place for me to begin my career.


Updates and Plans

Posted on 11th July 2007

OK, so I finally finished moving all my blogs over to a central location. This ment conversion of over 150 entries over the last 4 years. Also, now I just post in this one location and everything else gets updated as well.

Planning on a trip to C-Bus at the end of the month to retrieve the last of my stuff and get it to the city. The lease at the old place is up on the 31st and I need that stuff moved by then. I also got word that the old car is sold. Now we just have to finalize the details on pick-up.


Life and Stuff…

Posted on 7th July 2007

So life is strange. I spend all my time working and sleeping with a meal or two somewhere in there. Guess being busy is good enough tho.

The last three months in New York have proven to be a challenge. I started a new job a few weeks ago answering phones for a Salon company in the city. I don’t like it and it feels as if I am getting farther away from my goals. This said, I might give that one up. On another job related note, I am in the process of doing things right and working on getting into my field of interest. I have made contact with someone that seems to be willing to help me get to the level I want to be at. If I do indeed get this job, I will be one step closer to a better life both mentally and with money. Here is to hoping for the best.

For those of you who have not seen a post on the site, I have now setup wordpress to crosspost to both my main blog and to myspace. Those who know my computer talks know that simplicity is the key to perfection. This is just yet another prime example of this. I just write the blog once, and boom, it appears at both locations. This now means I might want to get setup better then it is.

Planning on a trip back to Ohio to gather up the remaining bits of my stuff at the old apartment and moving it to New York. The last month of rent has been paid and we must be out of the place in Ohio by the end of the month. It will be a good excuse to visit all my friends back there as well.

Next project, finish website…