Posts from November 2006


Decent Weekend

Posted on 13th November 2006

Ohio State won! Steelers won! Not too bad indeed.

Gmail is finally setup and filtering my mail better then my old email server on dersoldat. Should be a hell of a lot easier to check up and keep current on emails from now on.

Playing in a five man tournament on Sunday and have to celebrate my birthday and the pending victory over Michigan on Saturday. Go Bucks and Go Steelers.


Life, The Universe, And Everything Else

Posted on 8th November 2006

Steelers stink. Work blows. Life is boring. The Universe is big.

Paintball tournament this month on the 19th, just a few short days after my birthday…Yay! Been itching to play since the one back in July when we took 2nd. I can not wait.

Been messing with gmail as of late. For the longest time, I have ran dersoldat mail though my own server. Since I have been lazy, and have wanted a more intuitive way to access all my emails, I have begun to forward all mail accounts that I own to gmail. They have the very cool virtual email accounts option that allows me to send mails though gmail as if they where dersoldat mails. This allows me to take the memory eating postfix away from my linode and just run my blog and paintball website. I noticed that Apache goes to swap a bit more then I like and even after tweaking the child processes and ttl options, I was still seeing slow page rendering. Since I host php forums and php sites, I needed to find a better way to speed up everything. The only grip or lack of learning new ideas, is the way gmail handles filters not by folders, but by labels. Labels are fine and dandy and a cool idea, it is just a pain to take this and try to integrate into a client app like thunderbird or even evolution. It downloads all mails as if they where in the inbox. Understandable with the concept of labels. Maybe if we get some sort of imap integration into gmail, we can add gmail specific support for these label in other applications. My current goal is to centralize all email, contacts, and calendar information into one location and have access to all this information both via the web and via thunderbird or evolution. Maybe one good reason why clients are still important is because of gpg. That is another topic that needs a way to centralize to have access to it at all times.