Posts from October 2006


They are Back!

Posted on 17th October 2006

Man, I was getting worried about the steelers and their playing this season. Three losses in a row makes one wonder about the direction the team is going in. After blowing out the Cheifs and seeing a Steeler team that reminds me of the last two years is a welcome sight. The race for the playoffs is still in our hands as long as we do what we need to do and win games. The Steelers are back!

Ohio State is still ranked number 1 in all the polls. Their wins are blowouts anymore as well. They are damn good this year. If they win a National Championship and the Steelers win the Super Bowl, I am afraid I might have to die a very happy man.


LinuxFest 2006

Posted on 1st October 2006

The 2006 Ohio LinuxFest was indeed a sucess! Jeff Waugh had been setup to do the morning keynote for use, however his flight from Australia had been layed over in St. Louis, Mo. He did arrive for his talk however in the afternoon. I was very happy to see him here and spread some love for Gnome and Ubuntu. His talked was packed. Jorge Casto also did his talk on Active Directory integration which also had a packed room. We where able to pull in 1044 people plus whoever wondered over from some of the other events taking place in the convention center. Kudos to everyone who helped make 2006 the best event ever. And Kudos to everyone else that made the long trek to Columbus to attend and speak at the event. I was very happy to see some really popular and experienced speakers.