Websites, Football, and Trips

Posted on 2nd August 2007

Been waiting for what seems like the better part of a week while the phoenixpb.com domain was being updated. It has been down since mid-July and has cut off email for a few players. Today, the domain allowed me to reset it to the server, so things should be ok once the DNS servers re-populate in the next few hours.

Joined a fantasy football league with the boys back in Ohio. We shall see how I fair in this game of pretend football.

Spent the better part of this week driving from the City to Ohio to try and retrieve the last of my personal items. Managed to get everything in the car except the TV and nightstand. I have a truck reserved for October to go and get the last of those items. I am also planning a trip to Hilton Head with the family next week in attempt to have somewhat of a summer.

Other then those items, not much else going on in Harshyland.

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