20th Ohio Cup

The Labor Day weekend at the 20th Annual Ohio Cup has come to an end. All in all, a great weekend of vintage base ball. Saturday proved challenging do to the high heat and humidity, and Sunday was no different with the onset of rain and storms.

It was more baseball then I had hoped. I arrived at the fields around 8am on Saturday morning. My idea was that I could be available to help setup the fields, or do anything else that was needed. I never thought that I would find myself being asked to fill in for a team from St. Louis. I ended up playing a 9am and a 11am game with them. I also played a 10am and a 2pm game with the Muffins. You would not think that 4 hours of play would be all that much, but by the time Sunday morning rolled around, my feet and ankles were sore. The rest of Saturday was capped off with a dinner over at the hotel where we enjoyed various homemade dishes that were generously donated to the Cup.

Sunday morning came, and I arrived at the fields around 8:30am. Again, I was asked to fill in for the St. Louis team at 10am and 2 pm. We had a slight rain delay due to the thunder and pouring rain, which canceled the 11am hour of games. We spent that time in the Hotel over in the Village laughing and talking in the kitchen. During most of the games in the afternoon, we had a good steady sprinkle until a final match in Muffin Meadow against the Pittsburgh Franklins. We played 6 innings as there was not any time limit. The Franklins won that game quite handily.

Monday morning came, and I could feel the pain from the weekend. I was almost unable to walk as my feet and ankles were swollen and sore from all that running and walking in cleats, but I was glad I got to enjoy the thrills of vintage base ball in 2 packed days. I hope next year proves to be as much fun, and hope that the event grows with more teams and cranks (spectators in 1860s terminology).

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