Asus Prime x570 Pro Temperatures in unRAID 6.9.1

Posted on 10th March 2021

unRAID 6.9.1 has finally been released into the wild. With it, an updated Linux kernel (5.10.21). This adds adds the ability to allow some of us running Ryzen processors to access CPU and Motherboard temperatures. Your mileage may still vary depending on the motherboard you are running however. For example, some Asus boards use the Asus WMI module while other x570 boards may require the nct6687 module. These example modules are not readily available in unRAID and are not covered in this article.

But for those of us on the Asus Prime x570 Pro, there is minimal work needed. This board utilizes the nct6775 kernel module included in unRAID 6.9.1, but requires we modify the boot arguments in order for it to detect fan and temperature sensors. Once the appropriate argument is added, and a reboot of the system is done, you should see the sensors in the “Dynamix System Temp” add-on. Installation of the add-on is not discussed in this article, but can be installed via “Community Applications“. You may also want to read this article on Setting up CPU and board temperature sensing before going forward.

In order to get the nct6775 kernel module to pick up the sensors on your Prime x570 board, you will need to add the following line to your Syslinux Configuration boot options:


To add, naviate to Main -> Flash and modify your default boot options by adding the above to the kernel line. For example: kernel /bzimage acpi_enforce_resources=lax.

Example Syslinux Configuration with kernel option added.
Example Syslinux Configuration with kernel option added.

Once you have applied the configuration, you can restart the server and pop over to Settings -> System Temp. Here you should be able to do a detect and see it identify the nct6775 module. You should also notice the k10temp module as well. This one is for the CPU temperature.

You should now be able to rescan and see all the other sensors appear and set which one you want for the Processor, Mainboard, and Array fan speed.

Sensors detected and assigned.

With that, you should be set to go. I did have to do one last reboot to get the sensors to show in System Temp. It is nice to finally be able to monitor my server temperatures and not wonder if things are too hot in my fully loaded Rosewill RSV-L4412 case.


  1. stratas

    Was able to finally get the fan speeds to show up for my ASUS Strix X570-i with this post.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Vaggeto

    Thanks! This seems like very rare info. I’ve got a X570 AORUS Pro and TRX40 AORUS MASTER and I cannot get temps working on the X570 Aorus pro for the life of me, (They partially work on the TRX40) but going to try this tip now.

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