Asus Prime x570 Pro Temperatures in unRAID 6.9.1

Posted on 10th March 2021

unRAID 6.9.1 has finally been released into the wild. With it, an updated Linux kernel (5.10.21). This adds adds the ability to allow some of us running Ryzen processors to access CPU and Motherboard temperatures. Your mileage may still vary depending on the motherboard you are running however. For example, some Asus boards use the Asus WMI module while other x570 boards may require the nct6687 module. These example modules are not readily available in unRAID and are not covered in this article.

But for those of us on the Asus Prime x570 Pro, there is minimal work needed. This board utilizes the nct6775 kernel module included in unRAID 6.9.1, but requires we modify the boot arguments in order for it to detect fan and temperature sensors. Once the appropriate argument is added, and a reboot of the system is done, you should see the sensors in the “Dynamix System Temp” add-on. Installation of the add-on is not discussed in this article, but can be installed via “Community Applications“. You may also want to read this article on Setting up CPU and board temperature sensing before going forward.