The Ohio Cup, 1860s Style

Posted on 31st August 2011

In anticipation for my first Ohio Cup over at the Ohio Village, I came across a small article from Atlanta that advertises the event. It reminded me of how big the Cup is. The article states that there are around 30 teams involved. I received the playing schedule, and there are 5 fields with a total of 42 games played on Saturday and 29 on 4 fields, Sunday. The event is not small by any means by these numbers. A quick look at some of the teams playing in the event, shows people travailing as far as North Carolina and Missouri. Looks like this is a bigger deal then I thought.

It will be interesting to see the Ohio Village alive with re-en-actors and spectators alike. I don’t ever remember a time that I was in the Village, and saw it alive like Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. The weekend should be a true trip back in time, at least in the base ball sense.

I encourage everyone to come on down as there will be plenty of base ball to watch, and other fun activities. It is almost the end of summer, so there is no better way to spend it, then to watch a summer event such as this.

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