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From 2007 and into 2008

Posted on 3rd January 2008

2007 will always remain the year that presented new ways of thinking and challenges. If there was ever a year that was consistent in change, this would be it for me. The year started out with my parents moving to York, PA. I remained in Columbus for three months. In late March, I ended a 5 year career with UPS and packed up everything I could fit in my car and traveled to New York City to live with my sister. That proved to be a rough yet fun 5 months. In September, I once again packed everything in the car and returned to Columbus. The 8 months prior to this helped me find out who I was and what I wanted to do. My intention by returning to Ohio was to finish school. This is my only objective now. I began the process of returning to Ohio State and began exploring my career field more deeply. As the year came to a close, I changed into a more responsible and humble person. I now have motivating goals and dreams. I know have the courage to finish what I started. I met loads of new friends, experienced things I could never experience living in one city, and learned valuable lessons that will remain with me for ever. As I move into  2008, I know my goals and know what needs to be done to meet these goals. 2008 will now be the year of rebuilding and hard work. Come 2009, I will be almost half way to my goals.