iOS 7 in Pictures

Posted on 16th June 2013

With the announcement of iOS 7 coming this fall, I thought I would reload the iPhone 5 with the Beta1 that was released last week. Here or some screenshots of the new UI in action:


iOS 7 Design Thoughts Coming to a Blog Near You.

Posted on 10th June 2013

Apple has officially announced iOS7 with a Fall 2013 release. We will look in to some of the new design changes and see what we like and dislike.

I am also interested to see if anything else comes out of WWDC before it’s end in two days.

Stay tuned…


OSX 10.8.4 Upgrade

Posted on 10th June 2013

Apple release the 10.8.4 update to it’s popular operating system a few days ago. The fixes in this version are fairly minor with no extra edits needed on the Hackintosh project. The AppleHDA driver was replaced in the upgrade, so applying the sound driver from MultiBeast was necessary to get audio to work on the on-board chipset. Download the latest version of MultiBeast here (login required).

Details on what is included in the update since 10.8.3 can be found here. The update can be downloaded through the App Store.

As always, running a system update on non-apple hardware is not always 100% bullet proof. Make sure that you have another way to boot the system if something goes wrong. Multibeast may be needed on your setup.



Posted on 13th May 2013

Will June 11, 2013 be the best day this year? Many news outlets are citing that we will see the release of a newly designed iOS7 and Mac OSX 10.9.

Both are old news to some and new news to others. What both parties can take away from this, is that there is a high possibility that the somewhat antiquated interface that is iOS could see a refresh.

What things can we expect to change?


OSX 10.8.3 Upgrade

Posted on 26th March 2013

Apple has release OSX 10.8.3 to the masses and can be acquired through the Apple Store. There should be no reason not to upgrade, but I do recommend that you run MultiBeast prior to reboot just in case.

Find MultiBeast here (Requires an account).