Posts from March 2013


OSX 10.8.3 Upgrade

Posted on 26th March 2013

Apple has release OSX 10.8.3 to the masses and can be acquired through the Apple Store. There should be no reason not to upgrade, but I do recommend that you run MultiBeast prior to reboot just in case.

Find MultiBeast here (Requires an account).


iMessages now working in OSX

Posted on 10th March 2013

For those of us using Apple’s OSx on custom hardware (Hackintosh), iMessages has failed to connect in recent months. This is due to how iMessages verifies the hardware and sees that we are not running a true Apple device.

Chimera, the bootloader included in MultiBeast, has been updated to 2.0.1. In the 2.x release, they have added a fix that allows iMesaages to work on your home-brew OSx machine. This update is not currently a part of Multibeast, so it will require downloading and installing separately. Just follow the install wizard and make sure to install on your Hackintosh primary partition/drive. Any custom configurations should not be overwritten, but always make a backup just in case.

Download Chimera (Requires an account).