Posted on 13th May 2013

Will June 11, 2013 be the best day this year? Many news outlets are citing that we will see the release of a newly designed iOS7 and Mac OSX 10.9.

Both are old news to some and new news to others. What both parties can take away from this, is that there is a high possibility that the somewhat antiquated interface that is iOS could see a refresh.

What things can we expect to change?

The answer?

Not a lot. Apple is not known to make bold changes in an existing product line. They tend to make minor upgrades or add only a few new features when they do a major release. A quick search on the internet shows many proposed mockups of what iOS could look like when it is announced next month. Most are nothing more then pipe dreams while others show a more possible idea about some of the things Apple might do. The designs that provide a subtle change here and there are more then likely to be close to the truth.

Why so many mockups with complete overhauls?

It can never be assumed that Apple will always follow the same plan. It feels safe to assume however. Some outlets have rumors in the wind that iOS7 is delayed due to a major UI overhaul. There is even the rumor of it being further delayed, even after the announcement in June due to the redesign.

So what should we think?

Something will change. It will be big. Apple will make it sound big at least. They are very good at that. They drive a level of excitement that will make every extreme fan of Apple go crazy.

While Apple will be expected to show the world it’s new version of the popular phone OS, it is also expected that they will announce their new OSX 10.9 for their personal computers. Rumors suggest that we will see some features from iOS brought over such as Siri. The amount of Siri power is unknown. Power users are to be greeted with enhancements to the finder. There is strong evidence of a tab based experience in finder that will make file management more enjoyable. There is also expected to be an overhaul to the Safari web browser. Apple seems to be working on a faster version to compete with Google’s Chrome.

WWDC in June should shape up to be interesting at the least. As with anything Apple, we will have to wait to see what rumors are fake or fact.

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