App of the Month: Fluid

Posted on 18th March 2014

fluid_logo_iconHave you ever wanted a stand alone Pandora or Google Music app for your Mac? Perhaps one for FaceBook or some other web service. As diverse as the Apple App Store has gotten over the years, popular web services like Pandora and Netflix do not have a stand-alone app that you can run outside of Safari. For some of us, that is perfectly fine. For others, having those services running outside of the current Safari (FireFox or Chome included) session is a good thing. Why? Perhaps you are running a dual-screen setup and want Netflix to run on the other screen. Sure, you could just run it in another window or another browser entirely.  But what if we could do that cleaner, neater, and just plain cooler!

In steps the App of the Month: Fluid


Building a Install and Recovery Drive for Your Hackintosh

Posted on 15th March 2014

DiskWarrior IconRunning a modern Hackintosh has become fairly simple and straightforward these days. With the help of websites offering everything from installers to hardware compatibly charts, building a dream Mac is easily done. There is still a chance that something could break. It could be caused by a bad install, update, or even worse, a bad hard drive. What is fairly difficult is the fact that running hard drive diagnostics outside of a fully bootable Mac install may only allow you to test the physical drive. What about if is not a physical issue and is file system related?

That is where a great program from real Mac fame, DiskWarrior comes in to play for most. Sure, OSX has a built in drive verification utility and you could boot into single user mode and run fsck, but what if those fail? What if you can not boot into OSX at all? DiskWarrior does give you a disk image that can be booted off of, if it is a real Macintosh computer. It will not boot on non-Apple hardware. So what do you do then?

You boot to your recovery install of OSX.


Google Purchases Nest and Sells Motorola

Posted on 30th January 2014

One of my favorite gadgets in the last 2 years is easily the Nest thermostat. This device gives you amazing control on heating and cooling your home while trying to keep energy costs down. With it’s ability to sense when you are away and even build a schedule based on your habits, the device has grown as a huge success. Throw in their latest gadget to replace the old smoke detector, the Protect, it is no wonder why Google offered $3.2 Billion for the company.


Cryptolocker Virus

Posted on 14th November 2013

The Cyptolocker virus is a new generation of ransom-ware that virtually un-repairable without paying the criminals. MSN posted an article that explains a little bit about the Ego of the virus’s inventors. There are also a couple of recommended links to software that could prevent the virus from getting onto your system and encrypting the files that are most important to you.

Read the artical here.

Always remember to keep your antivirus up to date and to never click on a link or an attachment that you are not certain is safe.