Comcast Agrees to Purchase Time Warner Cable

Posted on 13th February 2014

$45 billion. That is the price tag that Comcast will pay to acquire Time Warner Cable. The announcement hit news outlets early this morning. This would make Comcast the largest TV service company in the US.

Time Warner had recently acquired Insight in some areas and has not yet completed migrating their new customers to the Time Warner network.

What does this mean for the cable consumer? It could strengthen the amount of online content that a subscriber can have access to while away from home. It could mean the cost of cable, at least through Comcast, could go up in some markets. The good news is, Comcast and Time Warner do not have overlapping markets, thus not really reducing competition. And, with the continued growth of providers Verizon and AT&T, it is expected that the merger would be approved by the government.

Now, what about à la carte TV?

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