Old Times

Posted on 8th August 2011

I was working on blog integration between Facebook and Twitter on the abbyandsean.com website, and I noticed this link referenced by WordPress in my dashboard.

It is truly a blast from the past. 2005 was a great year for The Ohio Linuxfest. The blog entry linked reminded me of the excitement there was around getting a Linux branded event to central Ohio at the time. I do miss the days when I was very passionate about Open Source, and now, we see it in our lives very strong. Back then, the iPhone was nothing but a rumor, and Android was not even a glimmer in Google’s eyes.

Computing technology has ramped up so much since then, and I find that I am in the middle of a very rich customer interest around this technology. I am thankful for the experiences I have had over the years, and especially thankful for the position in which I play in today’s business marketplace.

If you ever want to be around some of the smartest people in the world, I would suggest attending The Ohio Linuxfest this year here in Columbus, Ohio. I have not been involved since 2005, but I know that the team has done a tremendous job of growing the event.

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