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My Wife’s Mother

Posted on 4th June 2012

Sometimes words can never convey how a person feels about another. I know this all too well. I was never very good at it and was probably the reason why some relationships didn’t work out. Now I must try to explain my feelings about this weekend’s events using those words.

Death surrounds us everyday and is made known by TV, Radio, and the Internet. Most times, we brush it off with only a quick comment about how sad it is to hear that a certain individual has passed on. Usually, grief is observed if we share particular memories with that individual and that grief increases as the amount of memories with that person increases.

I did not get to create a ton of memories with my wife’s mother. I do not need to in order to appreciate her. It didn’t take long to figure out how wonderful she was. Even to know I was only able to call her Mom for 7 months, the small amount of memories did not lessen the blow of her sudden death. The grief and pain was amplified by the thought that I would not be able to enjoy her as family.

My wife’s pale and panicked face only helped to make me feel more helpless. Nothing is more draining than going from a high and then crashing to the lowest point that a person can. Tomorrow, we begin the process of celebrating the life of a wonderful person. All I can do in this sad moment in time is to stand strong for my wife.

Here is to Susan Kay Kirschenheiter, the mother of my beloved wife. May she find peace and happiness in the next life. Here is also hoping that she finally gets to meet my grandmother, Esther Romeo, who passed away last 4th of July.

We miss you both so much!

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