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WordPress and Dresses

Posted on 29th May 2011

Visit Abby and Sean dot Com

I just finished the major coding for the website: This is a wedding website based off WordPress that I made to help celebrate the coming wedding of Abby and I. I also can officially say, even to know it has been up and running for around 2 months, that is close to being done as well.

Abby and Sean dot com has a completely custom wordpress theme while Der Soldat dot Org is using lightword which is found in the wordpress themes section.



A Switch

Posted on 13th May 2011

A few weeks ago, or perhaps months, I saw that there was the release of Gnome 3.0. I had also seen that Ubuntu had released 11.04 Beta. Feeling like I needed to get my fix, I went ahead and wiped my old 10.10 partition and did a fresh install of the Beta.